• A Standing Name in the Field
  • Subject-matter Expertise
  • Advanced Qualification
  • No Pay Unless We Win
  • Free Customer Support
  • Free Case Evaluation
  • Personalized Client Service

The reasons our valued clients prefer us are as follows: A Standing Name in the Field, Subject-matter Expertise, No Payment Unless We Win, Free Customer Support, Free Case Evaluation, and Personalized Client Service.

A Standing Name in the Field

We deliver a quality service for our valued clients, building a reliable name as a dependable provider of law and compensation services. Proudly marking its 15 years of experience, KLG is accepted as one of the prominent international law firms in Turkey, focusing on serving clients in a wide scope of legal fields ranging from energy investment, commercial law, insurance matters, compensation law to project consultancy. Our attorneys have bachelor degrees from outstanding universities and they are experts in their fields. We take care of %10 of all cases in Turkey regarding the expertise field.

Subject-matter Expertise & Advanced Qualification

Your case is matched to and handled by specialized subject-matter attorneys. They serve in fields from energy, investment counseling, commercial law, investigations and compliance, insurance matters, compensation law, competition and anti-trust,dispute resolution, infrastructure, project consultancy and finance to intellectual property. Our attorneys hold advanced qualifications from leading universities in Turkey and USA, UK. They truly understand what they need to do to maximise your benefit. Preferring our law service will take the stress out of your life.We deliver all assignments following specified writing guidelines and format as stated by you, the client. Does your case seem impossible to win? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us?

Our firm pays all costs from court proceedings to expert fees on behalf of you. KLG provides foreigners free customer support and case evaluation with no charge.

No Payment Unless We Win
We pay all cost of proceedings on behalf of you. You pay nothing till you win the case. No council fee, no court cost. We settle most cases way before they ever reach a court. For foreigners, we pay all costs including court expenses, translation fees, apostil, notary, travel/transfer expenses, and court fees.

Free Customer Support
We provide customer support service and work under tight schedule to ensure you are contented. Our team is here to make sure your questions and queries are answered. Email us or fill out the form provided on the homepage to learn how we can help you at any time, day or night. Case evaluation is also provided with no charge.

Personalized Client Service

We provide personalized customer service to ensure your satisfaction. Kose Law Group is committed to providing each client, whether an individual litigant or an international organization, the individualized support that only a rather small law firm can deal. The attorneys of Kose Law Group gives every customer special care and work with the customer to help develop a customized lawsuit scheme in each case.

This provides us to work with the utmost level of efficiency to help the client maximize benefits whilst minimizing the spent time for lawsuit process. At Kose Law Group, the desires and needs of our clients are always the motivating consideration in any lawsuit strategy decision.