Invest in Turkey Grow Your Business
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Invest in Turkey  Grow Your Business

Turkey Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) regulations are based on the value of equal treatment and provide foreign investors and businesses to have the equal rights and the same obligations as Turkish investors have.

Turkey’s inspiring growing performance and fundamental improvements implemented over 10 years have landed it on the radar of many foreign investors and international businesses seeking investment opportunities in Turkey.

Turkey is the Most Popular Investment Destination in Europe

EY Attractiveness Survey Europe  findings postulated that Turkey has become the 7th  most desired foreign direct investment destination in Europe in 2017. EY’s report titled  Game Changers  says that  In Russia, Serbia and Turkey investment projects grew by 50% in 2017.

According to  the official sources, Turkey’s total FDI was only $15 billion until 2002, while the country has since attracted more than $190 billions of FDI between 2003 and 2017. 

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Foreign investment in Turkey has increased after reforms (Source:

Turkey is a heaven and one of the most attractive countries for long-term foreign investors. Vice President of the  World BankInternational Finance Corporation (IFC),   Georgina Baker, said that Turkey with  strong economic fundamentals, the energetic private sector, and young population offers opportunities for foreign investors in several sectors in Turkey. She emphasized the point that the reason why IFC invest in Turkey is long-term potential Turkey has. 

business investment in turkey

Vice President of IFC: Turkey is an attractive country for foreign investors (Photo:  IFC)

In her  interview  on  Hurriyet Daily News, she put emphasis on the fact that the IFC first invested in Turkey more than 50 years ago and noted that IFC is a long-term investor and draw attention on three keywords identifying what they are looking for in Turkey which are growth, sustainability, and inclusion. 

Foreign Investors and Businesses are Treated as Local Investors

There is no difference in the requirements for establishing a business between foreign investors and local investors. Same regulations are applied to foreign investors as applied to local investors and the same requirements are expected from international companies. Hence, international investors are treated as local investors in front of Turkish regulations.

Foreign investors and businesses can create any type of company in accordance with the  Turkish Commercial Code  (TCC). TCC has regulations easing the whole process for foreign investors. 

·            TCC adopted a corporate governance approach  that meets international standards.

·            TCC encourages  private equity and public offering activities.

·      The code’s principal objective is to create an environment that offering transparency in all processes.

·      TCC is in compliance with EU legislation.  

business investment in turkey

Companies figures with foreign capital in Turkey shows foreign investment opportunities in Turkey (Source:

New Legislations Made Process Easier for Foreign Investors

So far, Turkey has made a lot of legislative efforts to make the foreign investment process easier for foreign investors to develop the investment climate in Turkey. 

The Turkish government has announced some fundamental reforms to eliminate red-tape in establishing a business or investing in Turkey. These reforms have made costs minimized and procedures faster. 

It is now much easier than usual having an investment in Turkey. The only thing investors need to do is visit or contact any Trade Registry Offices located in Chambers of Commerce to get information on how to handle the process of investing in Turkey. It is created to be a one-stop-shop. All process is completed in one day. 

In order to make the process easier, we strongly advise getting a legal consultant from consultancy law firms. 

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